• Lars Olav Olaussen

    Lars Olav Olaussen

    Lars Olav Olaussen joined the Komplett Group as CEO in 2018. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President for Business development and Group Sales in Orkla. Olaussen has a Master of Business and Economics from Norwegian School of Management and has extensive experience in sales, strategy and business development. Lars Olav Olaussen has previously held leading positions with Orkla, Findus, Ringnes and Procter & Gamble. 

  • Geir Olav Ryntveit

    Geir Olav Ryntveit

    Geir Olav Ryntveit has been CFO for the Komplett Group since April 2017. Prior to joining Komplett, he worked for PwC Consulting in Vestfold. Mr Ryntveit has extensive leadership experience from large and medium sized companies within a variety of industries, and he has served as board member in a number of companies. He has worked as CFO, and within business development, strategy and market. Mr Ryntveit holds a degree in economics and business administration (“siviløkonom”) from NHH, Norwegian school of economics.

  • Jostein Tuhus Sørli

    Jostein Tuhus Sørli

    Jostein Tuhus Sørli has been Development Director at Komplett since 2013. He came from a position as chief consultant at Visma Retail. Before that, he had 12 years' experience in different roles at Coop. Sørli has a teaching degree in commercial subjects. He also has 20 years' experience of working with business processes and IT support.

  • Ingebjørg Tollnes

    Ingebjørg Tollnes

    Director of Communication
    Ingebjørg Tollnes has been Communications Director at the Komplett Group since 2007. She previously worked as marketing manager at Torp Computing Group (Itegra and MPX.no), and as marketing manager for Color Line. Tollnes was educated at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management (now the University of Stavanger).

  • Pål Vindegg

    Pål Vindegg

    Pål Vindegg joined Komplett in 2003 and is currently responsible for the management and implementation of the Group's development projects. Vindegg has a bachelor's degree in electronics from Gjøvik College of Engineering. Since becoming part of Komplett, he has been in charge of operations and the development of logistics and IT systems. He has experience of leading positions in Norsk Data, NIT, Adelsten and Kappahl, among others.

  • Live Haukvik

    Live Haukvik

    COO Komplett
    Live Haukvik is COO in Komplett since 2017. From 2012 to 2017 she was CFO in Komplett Group. She has previous experience as CEO and CFO from listed industry and service companies, and she is an experienced board member. Ms. Haukvik holds a masters degree in finance from the Université de Fribourg, Switzerland, and a master of management degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Oslo.

  • Stian Gabrielsen

    Stian Gabrielsen

    COO Komplett Business
    Stian Gabrielsen has been Director of Komplett Business since October 2014. He came from a position as Product Director at ALSO. Before that he had 10 years in several senior positions in sales and product in Torp Computing Group (Itegra and MPX). Gabrielsen has graduated from the University of Agder and NHH.

  • Atle Sjursen

    Atle Sjursen

    COO (Acting) Webhallen
    Atle Sjursen joined the Komplett Group as acting CFO/COO for Marked.no from January 2017. He has over twenty years of management and operating experience as CEO, CFO and COO from various retail and service businesses (Rimi, ICA, Eurest, TOOLS and polygon). In recent years, he has been working as adviser, interim manager and board member.